Soul Decay

by Solitude Project



Soul Decay, EP limitato a 33 copie digipak


1 - My Dark Way
2 - Late Sunsets and Dreary Nights
3 - Her Ghost Haunts These Walls (Bonus Nocturnal Depression Cover)

Tracce 1 e 2:

Line Up:

R.F.: voce e batteria elettronica
OnlyOne: chitarre
Veirg: basso
Just Leave: testi

Musica scritta da R.F tra il 2011 e il 2012.
Voce, batteria elettronica e chitarre registrate nel Solitude Studio nel 2012.
Basso registrato a casa di Veirg nel 2012.

Traccia bonus 3:

Line Up:

Broken K-YS (aka R.F.): tutto con l'aiuto di OnlyOne

Musica scritta dai Nocturnal Depression, riarrangiata da Broken K-YS.
Registrata nel Solitude Studio nel 2013.
Originalmente contenuta in "It's Better to Burn Out than to Fade Away on this World", demo CDr di Another Day, il progetto solista di R.F., ora in pausa, rilasciato dalla Depressive Illusions Records nel 2013.

Mixage e mastering dell'EP eseguito da OnlyOne nel Solitude Studio tra il 2012 e il 2013.
Artwork, layout e foto di R.F..


released June 19, 2015



all rights reserved


Solitude Project Campanie, Italy

Solitude Project is an italian Depressive Black Metal band by OnlyOne and Lord Sinister.

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Track Name: Late Sunsets And Dreary Nights
The sunset starts to burn
As the sun sinks on the urban decay of the city
Tomorrow everything will be just like today in my life
This is just keepin' on living under the illusion of dreams and expectations
We are just bodies that are decomposing, day after day
The pathetic rules imposed by men for men
Seem even more respected than the nightfall, when to rebel to the darkness a light is turned on

The wind blows softly and I would like to go with it

We are all trapped in and I can't see a way out
I can't stand the sick torture of this life anymore
In which I can find any sense...

The sky is become dark and another dreary night is starting
The wind blows again and it takes my hand
Like a leaf, I'll fly away
Without a destination, with no tomorrow
Track Name: My Dark Way
I'm not real, this is not real
What is real?
I'm not real I'm not real I'm not real
...Like a ghost in the snow...

My reflection hits the mirror, it draws a picture of my face that I don't recognize
It is worn inside and hollowed by the perpetual waves of the sea of my desperation

I live in memories that don't seem mine to me, I am told that I'm outsider and I'm felt like a stranger
The nostalgia of the past forms a noose around my neck
My life is driven by apathy and governed by boredom, I hold nothing in my hands

The mirror cracks, my face is deformed and increasingly tired

My actions are now mechanical, I reject those who say that I'm ruining my life as I deny any explanations
I have nothing to explain, I can't descrive the lump in my throat when I try to speak
This moment runs slowly through my mind

The mirror is broken, I tread the fragments, the blood flows
I kneel on the glasses in front of my misery
I'm in front of my pain and I take it into me
Into my nothing

This is not real nothing is real
What is real?
This is only a corpse with the shadow of his memories around him
Invisibles like ghosts in the snow...